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Welcome to Project Queen

Your secret weapon for seamless fitness project execution; one launch at a time.
Scale Your Business, Not Your Team
Save your hard-earned revenue and scale your business the way you actually want to by creating passive revenue options, developing a better offer suite, and automating your business so you can focus on the piece you love-
After years of working in brick and mortar spaces as well as online, I kept finding myself STUCK at certain revenue points while also feeling overwhelmed and guilty staring at my to-do list for lead generation.
On more than one occasion, I found myself saying,
"If only I could carbon copy myself..."
"If only I could find a staff member that didn't need a ton of training and hand holding..."
"I just need like 2 more hours each day to get stuff done..."
And all of my other coach friends were saying it, too.
And all of us were getting the same advice from our business mentors that we needed to scale our teams, keep DMing, and keep grinding! But to what end?
Not ONCE did those business coaches suggest a short-term partnership or part-time staff member as a possible solution. And if they had, it probably would have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars and hours in my online coaching business.
So, I'm here to be that secret weapon you need to scale your online business beyond $20K months without losing your sanity!

I've been there...

... in your shoes.
I've followed the advice from the "influencers" and well respected "coaches" on what to do to grow my fitness coaching business.
And all it did was drive me into the ground, make me feel overwhelmed, and burnt the hell out.
But it also ignited a passion to help other coaches in the fitness world to understand what it actually takes to run their business without feeling clunky or stressful.
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I can't wait to help you
  • maximize your launch & operations strategies for a better coaching experience for you AND your clients
  • learn how to implement successful automations that will have you breathing a sigh of relief
  • see bigger profits in 30 days or less
Are you ready to take your coaching business back and remember why you became a coach in the first place?

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